black and green poison dart frog

They are a wonder of nature.


They are often 1.2 inches.Sometimes they get 2in.

life span

They only live 10 years in captivity like a zoo.


Their poison is not as toxic as a golden dart frog but is more toxic than a strawberry dart frog. But it wont harm you.


They are amphibians. This means they are fragile and must stay moist. So they should always stay out of the sun

greenland shark


Most greenland sharks live to 390 years,but one female (girl) was 512 year!


Most are adults are 2.44-7.3 meters. The young are up to 2 ft. long


Since they live so long they often give birth at 100 to 140 years old.


They eat small whales,seals,and most things that end up in the water.

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